Some of the young pilots who recently studied in American Flyers

Catalina - Medellin, Colombia

“I came to American Flyers with great expectations since today choosing a pilot training program is not easy. Everyone promises you the same. Upon arrival I was able to verify that in fact they have the best infrastructure, airplanes, simulators and instructors for my training. When deciding where to train as a pilot you must choose who provides you with the best scenario where you can practice your flights. This is exactly what American Flyers offers you, all my flights I do in one of the most complicated and demanding airspaces in the world. This is a challenge that students must face every day, but also a great advantage since it leads us to develop a maximum level of operational competence in flight. I have noticed that other pilot schools are located in small airports and with very little air traffic. What is definitely not good if your goal is to reach the level of skills, abilities and knowledge necessary for you to hire an airline. The American Flyers program is truly aimed at training Airline Pilots. Choosing it has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions of my life and it is for this reason that I recommend it. ”

Mario Alberto - Mexico City, Mexico

“I was inspired by the American Flyers academic program, because after comparing it with that of other schools I could appreciate that it was much broader in content and far superior in quality. Upon arrival I found a group of the choicest instructors, completely dedicated to taking me to reach the level necessary to be hired by an airline; In the same way I have been able to verify that American Flyers has the best airplanes, simulators, materials and teaching systems for my training. This gives me the certainty that they are preparing me in an unbeatable way to achieve my goal of being an airline pilot. Also, activities are organized to help the coexistence and integration of students and specialized personnel are pending to help us in everything extracurricular. For example, they coordinate my accommodation, daily transportation and food so that I can devote myself completely to the study. This is very important when you are living in a foreign country. Based on my experience as a student, if I had to choose again, I would choose American Flyers again. ”

Benjamín - Santiago, Chile

“Studying at American Flyers was the best decision I could have made, I chose it because of its extensive experience and because its curriculum was clearly superior to that of all other academies, also because they have a large and modern fleet of airplanes and simulators, Perfect for the formation of an Airline Pilot. The complexity of the airspace, one of the main ones in the world, where we carry out our flight practices, presents the ideal scenario since one learns to fly together with the commercial operations and the US elite. I was very positively surprised at its facilities and how its Maintenance Department provides excellent maintenance to airplanes to ensure the highest possible degree of safety in flight. They admit a very limited number of students, so I always had enough equipment and staff at my disposal; thus optimizing my time to reach all my goals in the 30 weeks of the course. Living and studying in the USA I achieved a great development of everyday English, but even more important I learned the aeronautical English used in the aviation industry of the world and that is an essential requirement to be hired by an Airline. ”

Juan Diego - Bogotá, Colombia

“I highly recommend American Flyers for its training system that is rigorously based on the same teaching methodology used by the US military to train its pilots. Which takes the student’s hand along the different courses necessary to become an Airline Pilot. This objective is achieved through a strict discipline that requires daily attendance to group theoretical classes, also to complement what has been learned in the classroom, every day we perform flight and simulator practices, always in correct sequence and within the appropriate times to achieve an excellent academic achievement. In addition, in compliance with the highly structured curriculum offered by American Flyers, We must carry out periodic evaluations in order to expand our theoretical and practical knowledge. Which I consider very important for the training quality. The program taught here is approved by the American Aeronautical Authority (FAA) under its strictest regulations applicable to pilot training. All my practice flights are made in one of the most complex airspaces in the world, which has allowed me, facing extreme operational situations, to reach the level of an airline pilot. ”

Juan Diego - Lima, Peru

“My attention is very much American Flyers; which, unlike other pilot schools, teaches a program clearly oriented towards academic excellence. But I chose American Flyers because after searching and contacting their graduates on Facebook, these people expressed great satisfaction when they were students, but even more importantly, they all recognized that the training they received was a fundamental aspect in leading them to achieve the goal of be hired as Airline Pilots. From the beginning of classes, note that one of the main objectives of the American Flyers training process is to adapt the students’ lifestyle to the professional routine and work requirements that an Airline Pilot must meet.

I started my pilot training at another flight school so I could clearly appreciate the great difference and superiority of American Flyers. In addition, I witnessed how they continually renew their fleet so that their students fly the most modern and best training aircraft. I am convinced that studying here has been the best decision I could have made. ”

Sebastian - Bogota, Colombia

“I was very surprised to discover when I started my training, that American Flyers, like Airlines like American Airlines, Avianca, LATAM or COPA, has its own Operations Department; which fulfills the function of generating a daily study role for pilot students. I have researched thoroughly and there is no other pilot school that handles the daily study schedule of its students with such seriousness. The Department of Operations anticipates, step by step, everything related to the training process that students must follow, assigning us the instructor, classroom, plane or simulator that we need to complete the lesson of the day 24 hours in advance. This allows us to progress quickly, efficiently and without delay for better use and better training quality. Each of the lessons that we have to fulfill are part of a study program that reflects all the experience accumulated by American Flyers during its almost 80 years of activity; First, to train Military Pilots for the US Army and now Airline Pilots for the most prestigious airlines in the world. I would not hesitate to recommend American Flyers. ”

Ian Aspe - Mexico City, Mexico

“My father is an Airline Pilot, he flies the Boeing 787 and is a graduate of American Flyers. When it was time to choose where to train as a pilot, my choice was obviously American Flyers. I have found a great team of professionals, with extraordinary human quality. The training I received has greatly exceeded my expectations and those of my father. One aspect that I consider very important to study in American Flyers is that absolutely all my training from beginning to end is done in English with American instructors. This makes my English level improve day by day in an incredible way. Currently a high level in the English language, in a fully globalized industry such as aviation, It becomes absolutely indispensable for anyone who has aspirations of becoming an Airline Pilot. Living and studying in the USA for 30 weeks leads us American Flyers students to improve and improve our level of English. The instructors and the staff of the center are excellent, the coexistence with all of them and the other students has been unbeatable. I recommend American Flyers 100%. ”

Abraham Casanova - Mexico City, Mexico

“When comparing American Flyers with other schools, I did not find another one that offered such a complete professional training program and could be completed in just 30 weeks. But what struck me the most was its excellent reputation in aviation forums and also the many recommendations I received from people in the aviation industry. The good atmosphere that you breathe here makes you perceive that everyone loves what they do, from students to instructors. It is important to highlight the more than adequate availability of aircraft, simulators and instructors that American Flyers has so that its students can progress quickly and without delays, thus leading us to complete efficiently and correctly, in the shortest possible time, The formative process The instructors are extremely professional and very experienced. I have learned a lot from each of them. It is a challenge to carry out a professional training program as intensive and demanding as this, but I am convinced that the results that I will obtain in my future as an Airline Pilot will justify all my effort. I was looking for a serious training process, which will train me for professional success and I must say that American Flyers met and exceeded my requirements; That’s why I don’t hesitate to recommend it. ” that will train me for professional success and I must say that American Flyers met and exceeded my requirements; That’s why I don’t hesitate to recommend it. ” that will train me for professional success and I must say that American Flyers met and exceeded my requirements; That’s why I don’t hesitate to recommend it. ”